About MCAF-Earthquake Relief Fund

Dear All,
As we all know the April earthquake has severely devastated Nepal. Over 8,000 people have died and the death toll is rising. In addition, 18,000 more have been injured or displaced and many homes, temples, schools and public monuments have also been destroyed. 
Our MCAF team has been continuously doing relief activities by distributing relief supplies: food, tents, sleeping bags, mattress, tarpaulins, solar panels, first aid kits and tools to make temporary shelters in the most affected communities in Sindhupalchok and other places from the day after the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal. We have also helped communities to fix tents, solar panels and make temporary shelters. All of this has been possible with the help of our generous donors, volunteers and very dedicated MCAF team members.
Thank you all so much for your generous help in making our efforts successful in helping the communities at this crucial time. We will continue our activities long term into the future to recover our communities.

We have made 3 different short term and long term project plans under “MCAF-Earthquake Relief Fund” to support our community as below: 
➢    Project 1: Students’ Relief Pack
This devastation has caused a great deal of hardship for old people, women and children who have survived and are living in the rural villages. Especially the children, who are the future of our nation, are in a critical condition. Many children lost their lives in the devastation, others were injured, some lost their homes and family members and many are living in horrific conditions which prevent their rehabilitation back to school. Their books, school uniforms and other belongings are buried under their collapsed house. 
In addition many school buildings have either been destroyed or severely damaged. In such places temporary safe learning centers have been built.  
In an effort to help these children, MCAF is providing them with a “Students’ Relief Pack”, which will help them to return to their school life. Our aim in the first phase is to supply 1000 of these kits to students in the Sindhupalchok district. 
The table below illustrates the particulars and tentative costs per student for the “Students’ Relief Pack”.
S.N Particular Quantity Rate(Rs) Amount(Rs)
1. School bag 1 600 600
2. Stationary (books, pens, geometry box, etc)   800 800
3 Uniform (shirt, pants or     skirt, tie, shoes) 1 set 1,600 1,600
4 Lunch box and water bottle 1 set 300 300
  Total Rs. 3,300             (US $ 33.)
Therefore, the total amount requested for this project is:

 1000 students x Rs.3,300 = Rs 3,300,000  (US$ 33,000)

(Three million, three hundred thousand rupees)               

Note: We will regularly contact teachers at the school as to how the resources are being used. At approximately monthly intervals, we will visit the schools and observe first hand how the children are benefitting, the problems faced and the potential solutions.

➢    Project 2: Family Sanitary Pack
Another area of concern is the sanitation in rural villages where they do not have proper homes, kitchens, toilets and water facilities due to the recent devastation. There is a high chance of disease and infection in these villages due to poor sanitation and lack of medical treatment facilities. Every year during the monsoon, Nepal has a very bad record of simple diseases like influenza and diarrhea, both of which take many lives in the rural villages. With the monsoon coming next month this is now a real concern and could be made worse if action is not taken in time. With this in mind we also intend to distribute a “Family Sanitary Pack” to 500 families in these villages so that they are better prepared to take precautions against the onset and spread of disease. In addition we intend to conduct a sanitation awareness program at the time of distribution.
The table below illustrates the particulars and tentative costs, per month, per family of the “Family Sanitary Pack”
S.N Particular Quantity Rate(Rs) Amount(Rs)
1. Soap 2 25 50
2. Detergent/washing soap   50 50
3 Water purifying chemical 200ml 200 200
4 Towel 1 300 300
5 Toilet cleaner (chemical and brush) 1 240 240
6 Tooth brush and tooth paste 1 set 80 80
7 Sanitary pad for women 2 packs 100 200
  Total Rs. 1,120.     (US$11.2)
Therefore, total amount requested for this project is:
 500 families x Rs.1,120 = Rs 560,000  (US$ 5,600.)
(five hundred and sixty thousand rupees)
➢    Project 3: School and Community Re-construction 
Our 3rd project will be long term help re-constructing schools for the safe future of the children as well as local houses to improve life in the remote villages of Sindhupalchok.
Please donate what you can to help us accelerate our community’s return to normality. 
For Donation 
Bank Account details of MCAF:
Account Name: Mother and Children Art Foundation                                                      
Account Number: 03601040252294                                                                                      
Bank Name and Address:  Nepal Investment Bank Ltd,                                                                                                                                     Lazimpat Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal                                                                             Swift Code: NIBL NP KT 
 For online donation please click the link: www.gofundme.com/nepalmcaf 

The Work plan and financial Transparency:
∗    The program will be carried out entirely in coordination with the local representatives and the school authorities. 
∗    MCAF team along with interested volunteers and local representatives will be involved in conducting all the projects.
∗    The expenditure will be sanctioned for financial transparency by undergoing an internal audit, a social audit and with the general assembly of the MCAF. A copy will be sent to all the generous donors and supporters after the end of the fiscal year.
Finally, we express our sincere gratitude to all our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers who have always supported us in our efforts to provide relief and support to our community during this difficult time. We hope this will continue for the future and that our community will recover soon with the help of donations from generous people from all over the world.
For updates please log on to our official website: www.mcaf.org.np                                        
and our facebook page: www.facebook.com/mcaf.org.np 
Thank you very much.

Kindest regards.   



Account NameMother and Children Art Foundation
Account Number0101010006117
Bank NameGlobal IME Bank Ltd., ​Kantipath Branch, Kathmandu
IBAN No: DE 14512305000018188406 



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