Mother and Children Art Foundation (MCAF)
was established in 2004 as a non-profit organization with a dedication to the education, health and employment of impoverished women and children in Nepal. In the initial days, MCAF started with training Thangka (Traditional Art) Painting to women as a way to empower women through professional skills. Later on we have been successfully broadening our activities and services in many places with the help of our well-wishers, supporters, generous donors and partnership organizations. 
We have our central Art Studio and Gallery in Kathmandu and many other training centers in different part of the country. We have been conducting various social and community service projects for the benefit of schools and communities in Nepal. We have established a school called Nepalaya English Public School in a suburb of Kathmandu for disadvantaged children living under the poverty line. 

Our Vision:
Women generally stay at home doing household works in the villages of Nepal and are limited in their ability to own property or participate in the decision-making of families. Women are discriminated in the society by social values and norms and yet women have not achieved equality to men. The major reasons behind this are lack of awareness, education and professional skill. Likewise there are many people living under the poverty line who cannot afford to send their children to private schools. We have very limited free government schools, and they are of very poor education standards. They are also not enough to educate all children.
MCAF sees these are the major problems to raise the living standard of rural community for the development of the nation. The only way to overcome from these problems is through proper awareness, giving training of various professional skills and education to all.

Our Mission:
MCAF goals to fulfil this vision by:
  1. Empowering women through multi- skills training, providing various platforms to explore and experience the challenges to succeed in life.
  2. Providing a home and schooling facility for child labours, disables, street children and orphans, as well as to the children of lower class families and who are living under the poverty line, who would not otherwise attend school.
  3. Supporting to raise the standard of government community schools by adding infrastructures, resources and trainings.
  4. Help the rural communities with health services through free health camp, health awareness program, hygiene and first aid training, where there is no health posts or hospitals.


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  • Phoebe Yates

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  • Jake Hobson

    The food was extremely good and I enjoyed every meal we had. I enjoyed learning about the Nepalese culture more. Spending time and playing games with the students was very fun and I had made ...

  • Thomas Fisher

    1.    Project: There was a lot of work to do at this site. I recommend more schools come here to improve the schools facilities urgently. The workers were too slow and we would have liked ...

  • Steve Whitfield

    •    Good project site with easy access to bus. •    School staff very friendly and very accommodating. •    Host Lal was very good and the kids loved him. •    Jeevan visiting was good for the kids. •    Project cooks ...

  • Gregory Patton

    I had the privilage of meeting Jeevan Lama on his recent visit to Rugby in the UK. I was impressed by his passion and commitment to the beneficies of MCAF. I wish all those concerned ...

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