Volunteer Placement

All sorts of enthusiastic volunteers are most welcome to join us in our activities of construction, renovation, health care, training, teaching, cultural exchange, women empower movement, etc. to help our community in any way you can. We have many partnership schools, orphanages and community organizations needing volunteers. MCAF arranges your volunteering in any of these places and help you with all of the logistic plans during your stay in Nepal. You can also volunteer with us in our activities those operate from our central office in Kathmandu.

Some Frequently Asked Questions are:

What I should bring with me to give to the children?
Any clothes, sport equipment, computers, and science lab equipment like microscopes, pencils, pens and books for 5 to 16 years old. 
Every things here easier and cheaper to buy in Kathmandu and buying here also support to the local economy. If you want to buy brand new clothes, bring the money instead. 
1. Any kinds of toys you can bring with you.
2. Any Kinds of Art materials which use full for kids.
-›› What should I bring for myself?
Bring as little as possible because everything can buy easily and cheaply here in Kathmandu. There are a few things you need to bring from home which is very important for you like medicine, book etc. Some time can not by those things immediately in the local Market. Bring clothes according to season. During summer, it gets hot and in the winter cold, but remember you can buy all of these in Kathmandu . If you wish, to bring a computer you can bring it, as there are several wireless internet cafes in the city.
-›› What do I do about visas?
You can obtain a tourist visa from your local Nepal Embassyl or on your arrival at the airport in Kathmandu. Most volunteers state the purpose of their visit as “tourism” not “volunteering”, as it is possible to volunteer on a tourist visa. Separate visas for volunteer work do exist. However, they are much more difficult to obtain and cannot be obtained at the airport on arrival.
Visas are issued at the airport when you arrive in KTM. You will need 40 Dollars U.S. in cash (or Euro equivalent) and two passport photos for 30 days. Entry tourist visas are for 1 to 3 months, and you can renew them at the Immigration Office in Kathmandu up to 150 days in a calendar year. 
Can you pick me up from the Kathmandu airport?
Yes our representive will come to pick up you from Kathmandu airport. You need to pay the transport cost by yourself.
-›› What do I do for accommodation?
MCAF provides accommodation in volunteers' house or in home stay . The volunteers house has basic facilities, there are rooms, common bathrooms and kitchen with basic cooking facilities. Sometime room need to be shared. 
If Volunteers wish to arrange their own private accommodation are free to do so but the cost have to covered from the volunteer's personal expenses. 
-›› What does the program Cost?
We cost volunteer according to their works days, 
For one week $150
One week to two week $200
Two week to one month $250
This money is the cost of accommodation and all the arrangements. 
-›› What can I get for meal?
You get breakfast, lunch and diner in volunteer house three times a day , in meals you get Dal Bhat and vegetables ( rice, lentil and vegetables ) . These meals and accommodation are covered by program cost, so there is no additional cost. 
If you wish to feed yourself, you are welcome to use the kitchen in the Volunteer House. There are varieties of restaurants and grocery stores in that local place. Closer to the Volunteer House, in Boudhanath Stupa, there is a supper market.
-›› What about health? 
There are many health clinics around the city which provide basic services quite cheaply. If you have an emergency or become very ill, there are a few Western clinics (CIWIC is the best) that are very reliable.
-›› How safe in Nepal, 
Nepal is a safe country and so far no one of the volunteers have encountered any problems. 
-›› Is there phone or internet access?
Yes there is cyber cafe and communication, if you wish to bring your lap top computer then you can. You can get wireless internet. If you bring your own mobile with you, you’ll be glad you did! It is possible to buy a cheap Nepali SIM card here. We find mobile phones are very useful for keeping in touch with each other. 
*** For more details drop your message to info@mcaf.org.np ***

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