Relief Distribution in Sikhar Ambote - 4, Kavre

On the 18th June 2015, MCAF team distributed ‘Students Relief Pack’ to 92 students of Shree Saraswati Primary School in Sikhar Ambote - 4, Kavrepalanchok district.
This remote village was also severely affected by the recent quake however fortunately no one lost their lives in the devastation in this small village. Almost all the houses in the village are destroyed and life seemsvery crucial there. Some of the villagers still couldn’t have managed their temporary shelters. 
There were 72 students on the day at the school and as per the school record still 18-20 students not yet started coming to school due to several problems. One of the school building blocks was much destroyed, not usable but other 2 are fine. We handed over our Relief Pack for the more 20 students to the school principal and the School Management committee to give out to the remaining students when they start coming to the school.
The school community and the principal expressed their recognition for our support and greeted our team with Khadas and delicious lunch.
It was very hard reaching to the village due to broken roadway, landslides and rivers but worth it.
Thank you.


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